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‘Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka’  – South Asian Astrobiology & Paleontology Research Unit was established in 2011     and we are one of the leading institutions which conduct academic level courses and researches on Eco Astronomy(1)  fields which related to Astrobiology.(1) Eco Astronomy which describes the origin, evolution and existence of life in the universe is being newly developed research area in Sri Lanka. Therefore this disciplines representing  as a kin subject to interpreting comparative model  for any harbor life organism .( Aravinda et al 2016).

Dr. Aravinda Ravibhanu was the first to set out a harbor life  explained by a union of the general theory  of Eco Astronomy  mechanics & concepts. We contribute to enhance the knowledge about Eco astronomy by organizing programs and seminars to aware the Universities & Academic Research

“The Fiction of  Virgin Mind never become Philosopher”



Harbor Life By Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu


This is the cover image of my postgraduate thesis in PGIAR , Sri Lanka. it is a “COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF PALEOBIODIVERSITY AND ASTROBIOLOGY FOR PANSPERMIA”. Approximately five billion years ago the sun began to form out of diffuse gas and dust. There was nothing at frist sigth to distinguish it from myriads of other stars. Like all the others, the new sun began to burn and emit light as it contracted. During the final stages of condensation , it happened to produce a large surrounding nebula of diffuse gas and dust. The particles and molecules of the nebula collided with earch other and coalesced in to successively larger bodies. Eventually these bodies formed into large planets circling around the central star. Some of the newly formed worlds were large gaseous bodies made up primarily of hydrogen. These planets differed very little in structure from sun itself. Other planets were small, rocky, airless worlds with surfaces that were scarred by the impact of gaint meteorites. Stil others were enveloped in dense, choking atmospheres of poisonous gases. Many were frozen wastelands completely covered with soild ice, All were indescribably hostile to living creatures One of these new worlds was different: It had warm , pleasant climate with continents, oceans, running water, and blue skies.It was the thired planet from the sun , a place that came to be known as Earth. The oceans and the surface of earth soon become teeming with life. Some of the creatures that evolved here had supple hands, endowing them manual dexterity. They develop large brain endowed with a passionate curiosity about their surrounding and a desire to understand their place in the cosmos. Their large brain and supple hand enabled them to escape from a total dependence on the capricious whims of nature ; they could change their world to improve their lives ans enhance their chance of survival . Human beings developed technology. They built citites, created religions, developed writing , produced science and mathematics. Human life and culture spread to every available niche on earth . Human beings came to dominate the entire surface of the world within only a few thousand years of their appearance Now that human are the undisputed masters of their planet, they are looking upward to the skies in search of new worlds to conquer. Any way , study of the origin, evolution, distribution & future of life in universe , earth is the only place know to harbor life. It is depend on minimal condition for life such as temperature, water, radiation shielding, the stuff of life , sunlight, oxygen, when planet belongs to star forming like ours. To revealed evidences for the planetary habitability & harbor life of planet earth, paleontological factors are the one of most prominent way. According my thesis I called it PALAEO WORLD which was ideal base on fossilized materials. It provide a unique view into the history of life by showing the forms and features of life in the past & tell us how species have changed across long periods of the Earth’s history. Though the fossil record does not include every planet and animal that ever lived, also compatibility substantial evidence for the common descent of life via evolution & tend to explain about other habitable planets. Comparative model of Harbor life of planet earth, will be a relative one at the moment. The drama of life and intelligence on earth is a saga that has lasted for the past three and half billion years and we hope , shall continue in to the indefinite future,has this story been repeated countless numbers of times in many different variation on other worlds, or is the earth somehow unique? . Perhaps there are many worlds in the universe which evolved advanced societies that rose to brilliant levels of acheievement only to destroy themselves in a few short years throught their misuse of technology. If such is the fate of all technological societies, humanity stands very little chance of survival. On the other hand, perhaps there are some technological civilization that have managed to survive their own crises of technological adolescence and have gone on to built advanced and stable societies lasting millions or even billions of years. There likely is much that they could teach us about the art of survival. If someone else in the stars has managed to endure, perhaps we also have chance.

Official of Dr.Aravinda Ravibhanu

Aravinda Ravibhanu Sumanarathna  is a Professor Associate in  Exo – Geology (2017-2018 ) & Senior Research Scientist of the University of Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka. He is a vigorous supporter  of the many-worlds interpretation of  Eco Astronomy  mechanics in first time. Ravibhanu was the first to set out a harbor life  explained by a union of the general theory  Eco Astronomy  mechanics & concepts. Also He introduce the new Development of Speleothem Dimensions for calculate deviation of average formation section in Stalagmite & StalactitesRavibhanu  is an honorary fellow of the United Nation Organization (http://ecoastronomysrilanka.dsdweb.info/index.php/founder)

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Basic information

Name  : S.M.Aravinda Ravibhanu Sumanarathna
Birthday   : 1990 July 19 (27)
Nationality  : Sri Lankan
Institute  : Founder Chairman, CEO of The University of Eco Astronomy
International Publication  : 28
Books  : 2
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Evaluated Theories  : Union of the General theory of Eco Astronomy machanics.

New Development of Speleothem Dimensions for calculate deviation of average formation section in Stalagmite & Stalactites.

Contact  : ara22ravibhanu@gmail.com

Education Institute

    •  PHD candidate in Micro geology & sedimentology of University of Madras School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.(2017- 2021)
    •  Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies, Space Science Application Division(GPS & Satellite Based Navigation), (Practical Astronomy 2012)
    •  Faculty of  Enviroment & Natural  Sciences, University of  Southapmton, United Kingdom(BSc in Physical Geology 2016)
    •  Faculty of  Natural Science, Open University of  Sri Lanka ( BSc diploma in Biological Science 2015)
    •  University of Colombo – Faculty of graduate studies Master of science in Environmental management (2015-2016)
    •  Department of  Earth  Science resource Engineering  – University  Of  Moratuwa (2010 -2014 )
    •  European Space Agency , France (Monitoring  Climate from Space , 2016)
    •  Postgraduate Institute of Archaeology : University of Kelaniya (Diploma In Pale biology 2016)
    •  Center of  Maritime Archaeology ,University of  Southampton:United Kingdom (Shipwrecks & Submerged World:Maritime Archeaology 2015)

Working Institute

    • Professor Associate in  Exo – Geology The University of  Eco Astronomy Sri Lanka.
    • Former Lecture in Astrobiology – Department of Physics Open University of Sri Lanka
    • Senior Research Scientist –ULF  Development & Development Laboratory –Sri  Lanka